Nikon Lenses+ for iPad

Nikon Lenses+ is a guide for iPad users to Nikon's current lineup of F-Mount lenses used by both Nikon's digital and film SLR cameras. Improvements from the iPhone version include high resolution images and split screen view.

You can view all the lenses at once or you can view lenses in a selected category. You can also limit the displayed lenses by feature, such as SWM, ED, etc. You have the ability to sort by aperture, minimum focal length and ESP (Estimated Retail Price).

Each lens has a detail page which provides links to the Nikon web page detailing the lens, reviews of the lens from third parties (if available - brand new lenses might not have reviews yet) and information on where to rent the lens (for users in the US).

Sample screenshots:

Available now at the iTunes store.

If you are having difficulties with the Nikon Lenses+ app, please contact us at